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Creating Memories

Planning a wedding isn’t easy to do alone. That’s why I decided to open Tie the Knot with Tucker.

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The Wedding Aisle

"Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well"

Lord Chesterfield

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About Me

Landon Tucker, Professional Wedding Director

Tie the Knot with Tucker was born in Pell City, Alabama out of a passion for helping other people during one of the most exciting times of their lives. Always having a passion for weddings, he strives to make the life-changing events in clients’ lives as memorable, enjoyable and stress free as possible. Through strategic partnerships formed over the years, he has learned the art of being flexible and accommodating to each client’s unique needs and desires. He hopes you’ll consider letting him direct your next unforgettable event. You won’t regret it.

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How it all started! 

Written by Landon Tucker

I have always had a love for weddings! At a young age, I remember enjoying getting to witness someone special to me tie the knot. Over the past years, like most of us, I have been to many weddings for people I know. Every time I go to someone’s wedding and the couple is at the alter saying their vows I get this tingly feeling throughout my body. I never really thought about getting into the wedding industry until my brother’s wedding and even then I didn’t know I wanted to direct weddings. The turning point came at my friend’s wedding. I was Courtney and Alex’s usher and their wedding director had me get everyone to move up a few seats so there wouldn’t be holes in the pictures of the crowd. That’s when my friend Carrie and her fiancé Corey noticed how I took the initiative. Later on they commented that they would need someone to do that for their wedding. Soon after, I received Corey and Carrie’s Wedding Invitation and RSVP. About 5 days later they ask me to coordinate their Rehearsal and Wedding Day! I was thrilled to help and to my surprise I enjoyed this title more than expected. After everything was over, everyone kept telling me I did an amazing job (If you really know me, you know I don’t know how to take compliments) so when everyone is telling me this, I’m over here saying thank you but I’m really doubting myself and saying it could of gone better. But when the Bride and Groom said you did an outstanding job that took my doubt away. This is how Tie the Knot with Tucker started! 

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My Services


Pre-Wedding Consultation

Before the wedding, we will go over the plans for your special day. I can help you with sorting out ideas, answering any questions, or just working through concerns about your special day.

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The Rehearsal

I’ll guide the wedding party through practice of ceremony, while focusing on the details and order of the procession.

Wedding Aisle

The Ceremony

Focus on the details of your special day, make sure the wedding party stays on task and on time, line the party, and direct them down the isle.

Wedding Reception


  • Before Reception - Make sure vendors arrive on time and direct them to the correct places and are up to date on any changes while making sure everything is set up properly before guests start arriving. 

  • During Reception - Directing each highlight by coordinating with you, family, and vendors.

Get in touch today and let’s work together to create your magical event.

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I’m not happy unless my clients are happy, working day and night to guarantee their satisfaction, and making sure their vision for the event is realized in the final result. I’ve been receiving kind reviews and feedback for many years now, and am pleased to share with you the wonderful things that’ve been said about Tie the Knot with Tucker.


If you’re looking for someone who can manage all of those little details for your big day so that you don’t have to stress out, then Landon is exactly who you’re looking for. He is a very dependable and thoughtful person and is sure to treat your wedding day with the same importance as if it was his own. ❤️

Candace Gaines Tucker

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Landon is such a personable and professional wedding coordinator!! Without him, I don’t know that our day would have gone so smoothly. He shows up to rehearsal and helps smooth out all those fine details!! Not to mention all the running around and taking care of absolutely everything on your big day!! I recommended him highly to be your day of coordinator!! Such a pleasure to work with!!

Morgan Smith

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Contact Me

Get in touch today to discuss your upcoming event!

Pell City, AL, USA


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